Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health

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Fermented drinks started in Northeast China and were praised for their healing. The story is that it was brought to Japan by Dr. Kombu to treat the Emperor of digestive problems. Of course some of us will eat herbs or drink special concoctions, of any kind, if it will increase our chances of longevity! Many stories exist on line about the start of this vinegary drink, many handed down from family to family but never recorded. The name Kombucha was first definitively recorded in Russia and the Ukraine, in the early 19 th century.

Kombucha is simply made from tea and sugar, and it has been consumed for many years in many different countries around the world.

Healthy SCOBY and Kombucha Brew - Top 5 SIgns of Healthy Kombucha

More on that later This is a mushroom like film that produces acetic acid like in vinegar with traces of alcohol and gases that make it carbonated. Kombucha contains many of the B vitamins, enzymes and probiotics, the healthy bacteria, needed by your gut. Most 16 oz. Unless it contains added sugar.

Brew your own Kombucha!

Many experts recommend starting with Black tea for the first time for better results even though you have a lower amount of anti-oxidants. If you use Green tea you have a higher antioxidant level from the increased number of polyphenol compounds. Some believe that drinking Kombucha may help decrease growth and spread of abnormal cells.

This could be due to the acids present in this drink which can help balance the pH from more acidic to more alkaline. DO not use pasteurized Kombucha, just like pasteurized milk, during this process you lose good bacteria because they will be dead or unhealthy. So you will not have a good product unless you use fresh un-pasteurized starter for your Kombucha. Even though not well studied there is a well confirmed body of evidence that says Kombucha contains high antioxidants, it detoxifies and protects the body.

In particular it was found to help astronauts and others in extreme working conditions, like miners. Laboratory studies reported in , by the Journal of Food Chemistry, found that Kombucha is an effective anti-microbial potential, against the bacteria of Staphylococcus, E.

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The Journal of Medicinal Food reported in on an animal study that Kombucha helped with detoxing and immune support of infective disorders. Many of the studies to date have been from the use of tea in making Kombucha as teas have the high antioxidant compounds that are effective antimicrobials along with the acetic acid formation of the fermented drink. There are only small amounts of sugar left in the drink itself. Making Kombucha is not as intimidating as it sounds but it is important to understand the fermenting process. This is your 1 st fermentation. You can do more basic fermentations by changing the kind of tea you use.

Green tea, Yerba Mate, White tea or Oolong tea will vary your taste and the amount of anti-oxidants in your Kombucha.

The Science and Health Benefits of Kombucha

If you like a fizzy drink, place Kombucha in a bottle for about a week and it will become fizzy or do a 2 nd fermentation. It is not recommended to use a dehydrated SCOBY which can produce a weak brew at best or maybe no brew at all! Or you could grow your own SCOBY using commercial or pre-made bottle of Kombucha, this is not a fast process but it is simple.

You may need to buy a bottle of commercial Kombucha or talk to a friend or someone who is already brewing and willing to impart you with a few cups. Once you are happy with the carbonation, you can refrigerate the Kombucha. This will stop the fermentation and carbonation. Ideally, you need to consume your Kombucha within a month. Just clean the Jar used for fermentation , and combine sugary tea with the starter tea you had set aside in the previous brew. Again, let it ferment for seven to ten days. Things to Note While Brewing.

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Now that you know how to brew your first gallon of Kombucha, there are some issues you might face. No brew will be perfect and, I researched some common issues that you might face or things you need to keep a note of while fermentation. Top Kombucha brands that you can TRY! I have ranked the top brands of Kombucha that I have tried. You can also use their unflavored variants as starter tea for your homebrew. When it comes to bold, authentic flavor, KeVita leads the way.

If you ask any avid Kombucha drinker, GT is a name they must have heard. Their mass distribution and branding make them the clear leader when we talk about sales. But when it comes to taste, I rate it behind KeVita. They also offer yogurt and other probiotic drinks, that can improve your digestion. But when I did some digging, I discovered the health benefits Prebiotics have to offer. Wonder Drink basically combines plant-based fibers with Probiotics, to create a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut.

Wanna go crazy with the flavors? Then Bucha will be your cup of tea. From Blood orange to Guava Mango, Bucha is for those of who like to experiment. And yes, they have all the organic certifications, so you have nothing to worry about. So yes, this is everything you need to know about Kombucha. I would love to see trying out your own recipes. Post about it on Instagram, with solidgoldeats. Superb and detailed narration. I do home brew kombucha.

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    Spiced Apple Kombucha

    Adding the Scoby. Removing the Scoby. Comments Aahhh looks delicious. Pretty Informative. Spiced Apple Kombucha Recipe:. Bring water to a light boil on the stove.

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    Pour your water into your glass container, add your tea bags and stir in sugar until it is dissolved. Let your tea set until it is cooled and remove the tea bags. Cover the top of your container with something breathable like a piece of fabric or a coffee filter and rubber band it to the top. Allow it to sit in a dark place undisturbed for days.


    When this has been achieved remove your SCOBY and either put it directly in a new batch of kombucha or place it in a container, pour in a little bit of your kombucha with the SCOBY, and place it in the refrigerator. Cut up your apple into chunks, mix them into your kombucha along with your spices. Close your container with a tight fitting lid or transfer it to a container with an air lock. Allow it to sit for 3 days. Then move it to the refrigerator and enjoy!

    Just wondering if there is a way to make kombucha without tea? Unfortunately, there is not way to make kombucha without tea. You may look into other options for fermented beverage options like water kefir grains. From what I understand the SCOBY metabolizes the sugar and caffeine so the end result has very little of either- depending on how long you allow it to ferment. When you say you can get SCOBY from someone, does that mean you just split it in half, and both halves will grow to the correct amount needed again?

    Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health
    Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health
    Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health
    Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health
    Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health
    Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health
    Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health Make Your Own Kombucha for Ultimate Health

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