Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction)

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Kidnapping Survivor Recalls Abduction: ‘I Had No Idea What Was Going To Happen Next’

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      Kidnapped children make headlines, but abduction is rare in U.S.

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      Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction) Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction)
      Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction) Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction)
      Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction) Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction)
      Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction) Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction)
      Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction) Rise of the Zyfoids (The Abduction)

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