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Smoke from flaming combustion consists entirely of solid particles, most of which are formed in the gas phase as a result of either incomplete combustion or high temperature combustion in a low temperature environment. Smoke may originate within the cabin in either open or hidden areas, from elsewhere in the pressure hull holds, equipment bays , from an external ground fire source which either takes advantage of a structural breach of the pressure hull or a similar source which creates such a breach itself. Smoke, but more usually oil-based fumes, can also enter the cabin via the air conditioning system.

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However, this system is normally an essential element of smoke removal until either smoke generation reduces or ceases altogether or evacuation becomes possible. The heat generated by any fire causes gases in the vicinity to increase in temperature and therefore to also expand. The forces which this creates are responsible for what is termed "buoyancy" in which the hot gases rise and flow away from the fire.

This reduces buoyancy and therefore the upward mobility of the gases which tend to become layered or stratified. Smoke within an aircraft fuselage during normal operations may arise from a number of causes.

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