The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners

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12 Replies to “Cuckoldress Training Essentials”

As a general rule I find that most couples prefer a Bull to be several years younger than the husband, but not so young as to have insufficient experience to sexually please a mature, married woman. Confidence, demeanor and a good attitude round it out. Verbal play can also be critical, with both the wife and the Bull engaging in some level of interaction with the husband. Experienced Bulls enjoy telling the husband how enjoyable their wife is in bed, in a teasing, taunting manner. The wife can also participate, working together with the Bull to stimulate her husband, saying things like: His cock is bigger than yours; He fucks me much better; I want him to cum in me; Do you like seeing me like this?

I often encourage a wife to say things like this to her husband, sometimes whispering in her ear and telling her to tell him, because I often know what the Cuck wants to hear more than the wife knows. These are not necessarily the same. Some couples use no birth control other than rhythm method. Other couples use birth control, but may want the Bull to use condoms due to health concerns. This needs to be discussed upfront, and everyone in agreement.

Be aware that this may be one of the few areas where the wife and husband will disagree. The wife may choose the more conservative approach and opt for condom use, while the husband may prefer that the Bull not use a condom and ejaculates inside his wife. This is one reason that the Bull should befriend the husband, as they can both work together to persuade the wife to concede and allow the Bull to engage in intercourse and ejaculate freely inside the wife.

This can also lead to another angle, which involves the cuckold husband going down on his wife after she has had sex. See my blog on Creampies. It can be both a post-sexual act to bring the wife to another orgasm, as well as a means to prepare the wife for the next round of intercourse. Also, remember that relationships evolve. For instance, at first the wife may want her husband to be present for all sexual play.

Later she may become comfortable playing while her husband is in another room. That could eventually lead to her playing alone, and visiting the Bull at his home. Many ideas can become more appealing as the relationship progresses. There is one rather extreme variation of the Hotwife-cuckold theme, which is the idea of the wife becoming pregnant by the Bull.

In reality almost all couples separate this fantasy from reality. No sane couple would intentionally bring a child into the world just to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Some couples find it more exciting if the wife has intercourse with the Bull during times when she is near ovulation. Others like to use the withdrawal method during this time of her cycle, playing with fire so to speak. Some wives are reluctant to openly discuss this fantasy, as they find it too close to reality.

Yet, the idea can still turn them on and a smart Bull can use this to create intense sexual experiences. I know wives who get extra wet at the thought that they could get pregnant from the good looking guy pumping his sperm into them. Many wives have fantasized about a man refusing to pull out when asked forceful insemination , or had thoughts of becoming so aroused that they lose the willpower to ask the Bull to pull out at all.

Keep this in mind if you want to enhance your encounters with a Hotwife.

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It can be a powerful addition to the experience as long as you use subtlety and innuendo. After discussing all of those important issues, you should have a good idea whether or not your desires and those of the couple are a good match. All social mammals have Alpha Males. Females are instinctively drawn to the Alpha Male because they have the best genetic material.

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Human females are no different. If two men are in her life, a woman will instinctively become more attracted to the Alpha Male. When you come into the relationship, remember that you are altering an existing bond between two people. There is an emotional bond and a sexual bond. If you do, both the husband and the wife will react negatively. In fact the strong emotional bond is required to give them the comfort to include a third person in their relationship. NEVER ever make a play for the wife as anything other than a sex partner.

If you do then everything will come to an end.

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However, their sexual bond is entirely different. Breaking their sexual bond and then bonding sexually with the wife is your goal. When it comes to sex, you want her to think of you. When you first meet the couple, know that the wife loves her husband and looks to him for sex.

First, you must befriend her husband. He needs to become your buddy. This should involve some light male bonding, such as watching a few ball games, drinking some beer together, a fishing trip, whatever.

Guide for black bulls with white cuckold couples –

In most cases it is the women who will be having sexual relations with a different partner, and she must make sure that she is completely comfortable with her new partner. The couple will need to choose a third party that they can trust. This can either be someone that the couple knows or someone they have met on a swingers website where they will be able to meet like-minded individuals who enjoy threesomes and foursomes.

This can help to ease the mind of everyone involved, allowing them to enjoy the practice much more. Communication is a very important aspect of the cuckold relationship, and all issues will need to be addressed before anything develops. Cuckold Dating Join Free. A Cuckquean is a very unique kind of relationship.

Here, a woman enjoys watching her Read More. Carry out the practice in the correct manner Many cuckold relationships involve a married couple who are both trusting of each other. Be loyal A couple involved in a cuckold relationship will need to remain loyal to each other and the practice should never be used as an excuse for one partner to get out of a loveless marriage, or if a relationship that is breaking down. Another good piece of advice is to read stories here: Cuckold Stories 3. Keep it fun During the act or after the act has taken place, there should be no feelings of betrayal or guilt.

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In Zach Theatre's staging of this epic political drama about LBJ, the fight for civil rights feels particularly urgent. Random Acts of Magic. The batch of Out of Ink minute plays is a satisfying buffet of silliness and thoughtfulness.

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Guest by Courtesy. Etiquette takes a pratfall in this comic battle for control between cousins. The B. Beaver Animation. The Rude Mechs' re-creation of the Mabou Mines work is necessary but strange. Arts Events.

Good Manners: What to Do and Say in English?

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The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners
The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners
The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners
The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners
The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners The Cuckolds Guide to Good Manners

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