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I have read so many books already, and finding new favorites where I truly and actually connect with the characters on a deep emotional level is so rare, it's almost never happened. I have my crew of favorite characters and books around me that have been around since I first started reading books as much as I currently am and back when I was still much more impressionable, and those have stayed with me always.

So, letting new books and characters in But it did with this duology, for which I'll forever be grateful and I'll forever protect these two books and all of their flaws with all I have. This review also appears on my blog. March ? Why am I even surprised anymore Aug 25, Emmy Lauren rated it really liked it. Also I have a review of this book on my YouTube channel for more thoughts.

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Or I will as of April. View 1 comment. Catalyst is filled with plot twists, tons of action, romance, and lots more. So bravo to Lydia for the part she twisted and manipulated because it had me rolling with feelings. In the end this book was really good, yes I still liked Control best, but Catalyst was really well done. I really love who Zelia became in this book, because in Control yes she was still trying to figure everything out after finding out about herself, but now she has come to terms with it even though there are still a lot of things she is trying to complete and do.

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She stands up, she tries to put on a show, tries to get her claws into what she needs to, to survive it. I know this is separate I was originally upset with the cover change, but I see how this cover works with the book, it represents it well. But I have to say even though I did enjoy the ending I was hoping for something a little different. New abilities will be revealed, new alliances will be made, and new friendships will be forged in this absolutely riveting sequel.

Without him. Without her family. Not unless she can find a way to outsmart someone who always seems to be one step ahead.

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Filled with surprising twists, devastating betrayals, chilling repercussions, and shocking revelations, Author Lydia Kang created a sequel that will be unputdownable. She expands upon the world she created in CONTROL with new environments to explore, new hurdles to overcome, new and even more dangerous leaders, and new and intriguing mutations to learn about.

She made Zelia into someone fierce but lovable. She made her into a leader. It is even more nail-biting, more nerve-wracking, more heartrending, more thrilling than the first book in the series. It delivers even more romance, more science, more deception. It reveals more history, uncovers more secrets, brings more carnage.

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It is an amazing and unforgettable installment in a series that is totally epic. Apr 07, Meredith rated it really liked it. Initially, I was reluctant to read Catalyst. She had a lot of personal r Initially, I was reluctant to read Catalyst. In Catalyst, I felt like she had to focus and take charge more. More people were depending on her this time around. I was really hoping to see more of her in Catalyst, but I enjoyed the parts we did see her in. First of all, she was in a better, safer environment. So her health was better, as was her mental and emotional state.

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  • She was very focused on the tasks given to her and she had to be incredibly mature to get through some of the revelations that were thrown her way. Once again, Cy annoyed me for the first half of the book. He refused to open up to Zelia and seek her help. He kept everything to himself, believing it would somehow protect her. Of all the characters, I loved her growth the most. She became one of my favorite characters. On the other hand, Micah was.. Every move was calculated, meant to put him on the winning team.

    I wanted to like him so, so much. But then that ending.. And then there was Blink. I never liked her and I never trusted her. I think that reveal was supposed to be A Big Deal.

    But it felt really anticlimactic, honestly. That made me sad, too. She was the mother figure they all needed and I adored her.

    The plot was definitely more intriguing in Catalyst than it was in Control. Catalyst is broken down into three parts — Part one was my favorite. I loved the events in part one, as well as the excellent pacing; part one just flew by! Part two had some interesting revelations and a few intriguing events took place. But otherwise, part two was my least favorite; it was slow-paced and it dragged. Finally, while part three was better than part two, it was still a bit meh. The idea of Wingfield was awesome in theory, but poorly executed.

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    • And in the end, it was a moot point. The ending felt a bit rushed but it was interesting. The plot was more intriguing, the pace picked up especially in part one and part three and I connected a lot more with the characters, even when they frustrated or annoyed me. I still liked them and felt for them, way more than I did with Control. And despite the rushed ending, the ending was very intriguing. Though I still have questions and would love to see what happens next, the ending felt like it wrapped up in a realistic way that was appropriate for the characters and where their story was by the end of the book.

      You can also find more from me on my blog: Pandora's Books Overall it was a good second book. The ending had closure, but for me it needed more. I still enjoyed watching Zel on her journey but I still have so many unanswered questions. When they weren't on the run, it was kind of like a futuristic Gothic - love that! Jan 09, Tonya Kuper rated it it was amazing.

      Loved it!


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      Blog review. Contains mild spoilers for book one. I loved Control , so I'm not sure why I took so long to read the sequel. It was fast-paced, thrilling, and everything I had hoped for to conclude this duology.

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      If I thought the plot in the first book was crazy, then this one was absolutely nuts. It was full of twists and feels, and everything I didn't expect to happen did. Some might say it was rushed, but I thought it was fabulously thrilling. There was another betrayal, and it didn't impact me as m Blog review. There was another betrayal, and it didn't impact me as much as the one in the first book, but it still completely shocked me.

      Lydia is good like that. If I loved Zel before, I love her even more now. She was a very intelligent geneticist with a longevity trait, and was trying her hardest to keep everyone she cared about safe and sound — her sister Dyl, her boyfriend?? Cy, and the other "mutants" that had become her family. I loved her attitude. She was sassy, determined, and caring.

      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control
      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control
      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control
      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control
      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control
      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control
      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control
      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control
      TQFC Book 2: Aerial Control

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