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And actually, that's a better word and then like, you know, "I'm just -- I just want to like -- why is it when I get down I like to eat all this grubbish? I just don't understand. Or like, "My dad is always worrying that I'm just always gonna be trapezing around and dah dah dah dah dah. That's like what our whole generation of, like, lowlife a-holes are doing, we're trapezing. And part of that connection, this is the key, is that they were so different. And she's really, really smart, so she'll, like, go on the most wonderfully enjoyable rants about people.

JAD: So anyhow, they decide to take this bike trip across the country.

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They'd actually done one before, so they knew they could travel together. And they obviously knew they had this difference in personality. And in fact, as they were biking and stopping in all these little towns they would sort of joke about it. Now, are you a farmer? Oh, you're a beet farmer. How does beet farming work?

Oh, you had --" and she's sitting there like, "Jesus! We have 3, miles to go. JAD: So it was sort of charming, they would tease one another.

The China Code

But then they came to this moment where that difference between them stopped being charming and it got kind of dangerous. JAD: A few weeks into the trip, Lulu's front wheel is busted and they roll into this town It was like all desolate and hot. If you guys can stay a day, I could build you one today and have it for you tomorrow. JAD: So they went off, checked email, set up camp.

Came back early the next morning. JAD: The wheel was just hanging there where they'd left it. And Lulu says at this point her and Sue started going in opposite directions. And Sue registered that and was just like, "What the F?

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Sue really wanted to say something, and I think we kind of had a skirmish in the back. Like, I was like, "No, don't. If we just keep treating him with respect, he'll treat us with respect. Like, this guy thinks we're just like these dilettante-ish college girls.

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This is some weird power thing. He's taking advantage of us. Turned into, like, a test of the human spirit. JAD: A few more hours pass.

Lulu and Sue are sitting on this couch in the back of the store not talking to each other. He has two little boys, and they were like, "Daddy, can we go soon? Because this is, like, a man who calls his little boys "sweetie. JAD: A few more hours pass and they're still sitting there on this couch, now with these two little boys. And they were watching Nickelodeon cartoons. JAD: And in the middle of the cartoons according to Lulu, there was a commercial for the Army, like a recruiting ad.

What's Left for Us to Do on the Moon, Anyway? Plenty, It Turns Out

And she says that was the moment where Sue just lost it. She turned to Lulu Like, I don't know. But she said, you know, something along the lines of, "The way you think you are in the world as, like, so nice to people, that's a form of deceit. And he's like, "Well, this guy's got things to do. I just -- it's been a --" you know, I tried to kind of like apologize for her and for myself. And he was like, "Well, tell your friend, so sorry to have inconvenienced her vacation. JAD: Lulu said that feeling, like this guy that doesn't know them just now assumes they are these spoiled college girls, that just ate at her.

She kept thinking, "I don't get it. Like, if we had just been nice to the guy instead of confronting him maybe he wouldn't think that about us. And it just like, the whole thing was awful. Got to Missouri, and I just remember, like, Missouri passing in a blur of me being like, "I am riding with a crazy person. JAD: So you felt like suddenly this difference between you guys was serious. JAD: And just to walk me through a little bit about -- I mean And then we get to Damascus Virginia, where the transcontinental bike route that we were riding crosses with the Appalachian Trail.

So it's like, in the mountains. And the town put this little -- so they have tons of people coming through. So they put this free hostel for bikers and hikers to stay. And it's unmanned, no one's there. It's basically just kind of like an empty house with wooden bunk beds you can lie your sleeping bag on and a kitchen. So we get there and these two Appalachian hikers are staying there too. And it's just us and them.

JAD: Guy and a girl. The guy she says was maybe Brown hair, super blue eyes. And we're all talking. It's late and we're in this, like, little living room area. And he kind of immediately jumps into the conversation and just starts, like, taking it over with his life story, which is that he thinks he's a prophet. He has the gift of prophecy.

The Void (Intro)

He also has the gift of extreme empathy where he can come into a room and he'll be, like, deafened by all the thoughts he can hear in other people. I don't -- you know, like, I think, like, in a way make him not feel crazy for that is -- somehow in that moment, my instinct is like, just don't rattle this guy, maybe. I was walking home from the bus. And he said, "And an African American woman came up to me dressed in really, like, revealing clothings and turned out she was a prostitute and she offered her services to me. And I said 'No.

SUE: I remember just, like, my heart almost, like, pounding. Not of nervousness. It was just like but, but, but, but. Just I couldn't let him go on. SUE: He pulled out a knife, he said and he was gonna do something. And the fact that he just so cavalierly said that Like, "What the f are you doing? Like, this is -- don't behave this way, but don't behave this way right now with this person, please. SUE: No, you're wrong. Like, if he didn't want to be corrected, he wouldn't have told that story. You need to, like, seek counseling. SUE: You should confront the -- you should talk to a therapist.

JAD: That moment, Lulu says, she reached down and hit record on her tape recorder, figuring all right if this guy snaps, at least I'll have it on tape for the police. You'll hear his voice in here, but we've concealed his identity. I'm crazy because I am, like, influenced by other things? MAN: Everybody has to have psychological issue in the end.

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No, no! It's so typical you would go to that. SUE: Because then you allow the possibility that it's a spiritual problem. JAD: And, like, why? What we trying to get from this guy? SUE: To admit that I almost killed someone. I almost killed someone. MAN: But it wasn't me. It was me but it wasn't me.

Whats Left Us Whats Left Us
Whats Left Us Whats Left Us
Whats Left Us Whats Left Us
Whats Left Us Whats Left Us
Whats Left Us Whats Left Us

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