Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest

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The Painted Secret 5S. Mirror, Mirror 5T. Mad Science 5U. Return of the Legend 5V. Secret Treasures 6A.

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The Lore List 6B. Tropical Jungle 6C. Snow Country 6D. Western Volcano 6E. Medieval Castle 6F. Eastern Seas 7. Extras 7A. Bonelich 7B. Mysterious Treasures 7C. Lucky Birds 7D. Maddy's Bonus Treasure 7E. Filling the Catalog 8. Standard Guide Stuff 8A.

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Legal 8B. E-mail Guidelines 8C. Credits 8D. Version Updates 8E. In this guide, you'll not only find solutions for all the puzzles in this game, but also "hint-throughs" for when you need just a bit of a push in the right direction, as well as a list of all the secret treasures to be found in the game.

A: This is a puzzle adventure game for the Nintendo Wii, released in late It fully incorporates the use of the Wii Remote's sensors for an immersive experience.

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Q: What is this game's rating? It has an added content notice of "Cartoon Violence". Q: Is this game good for my kids? A: As far as content and relative ease of play go, this game would be fine for kids of any age. As far as difficulty in puzzle-solving goes, you might find that even adults might have a difficult time wrapping their brains around these puzzles.

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Q: Is there any multiplayer in this game? A: The game is meant to be a single-player experience. However, additional Wii Remotes can be connected to be used for "guiding". The extra Wii Remotes can be used to draw lines on the screen to point the main player in the proper direction. This could be quite useful for parents who want to aid their kids in gameplay.

Q: Is there any way I can get hints without having to go through your guide and potentially be spoiled?

A: You can buy Oracle Dolls from Granny in the hideout. Tap 1 at any time during a mission to use one to get a hint about what to do next. Be mindful, though, that if you've gone "out of order" on some of your tasks, the next hint might not be all that helpful. Also, using an OD will cost you some HQ at the end of the mission. Q: Do I always have to go all the way back to the beginning if I die? A: Not necessarily. Buy Platinum Tickets from Granny, and if you croak, you'll have the option to "Revive", basically putting you at the last safe spot in the mission.

Be wary though, that you will lose HQ for this, and that all your coins will be taken as payment. A: Not until you finish the main storyline of the game. Once that's done, you can go back to each of the areas to find Secret Treasure and fill up your percentage. Q: Is there any way I can predict what Maddy will bring back on his treasure hunts?

Is there any way I can be assured to get the bonus items, like the Hi-Speed Ship? A: Maddy's treasures fall into two categories: those you find just by sending him out anywhere, and those you find on "X"'s on the Secret Treasure Maps. While there is a pattern to the treasure sequence, you can't really rely on Maddy bringing back specific treasures based on area. Now, I'm unsure if Map applies to which area you find it in, or which treasure you get, but I will tell you that I got the Hi-Speed Ship from a secret treasure found in "The Crystal Key", so if you don't find it there, then it's random.

Q: How do I play Bonelich's music games? I can't get the timing right!

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A: The best way I find to hit the markers on these little mini-games is to hold the Wii Remote vertically and "ring" downward in front of you, as if you were a caroler. Use swift movements so that you don't keep ringing if you don't want to. The zigzag lines mean you have to constantly ring the bell. Q: How can I get a higher score? Why didn't I get full credit for this thing I did? A: To get full credit, you generally have to do things in the right order, in one try, and without messing up at all.

So, if you can possibly streamline the process, do so to improve your score. That said, on some of the less obvious ones, I've left little notes what you need to do to get maximum score. Q: What's the maximum ranking you can get? That said, HQ goes higher, so there may be a higher rank. Adding all my current max scores, I've come up with a maximum HQ of Of course, that's not a very round number.

Q: What does "HirameQ" mean? A: Well, I'm told that the Japanese word "hirameki" means "thoughtfulness" or "insight".

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It's a simple pun to turn the "ki" into a "kyoo", which makes it a play off of "IQ". Pointer: Cursor on the game's screen.

freemuse.eywaapps.dk/wp-content/2019-06-03/1107.php Used along with the A button to manipulate most things in the game. A Button: Action Button. Used to make selections on menus, point to a spot for Zack to walk to, or point to "hotspots" to manipulate them. B Button: Camera Shift Button. Hold this down and you can use the Wii Remote to "look around" your immediate surroundings. Also, this is used to cancel selections or "go back" from close-ups in the field. All cutscenes must be viewed at least once before they can be skipped.

Control Pad and 2 Button: May be used with certain items and devices. Motion Sensor: Used with many various tasks. With nothing else specified, shaking the Remote will cause Zack to ring Wiki. Also, you can hold down A and Zack will basically follow the cursor if he's able. Hotspots - Normally, the cursor is yellow. If you point to a "hotspot", the cursor will turn pink. Press A while pointing to it and Zack will attempt to interact with it if he can reach it.

Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest
Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest
Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest
Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest
Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest
Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest
Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest Wheres Zack? A Reading Quest

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